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SURGENEX® developed SurForce®, an injectable allograft derived from donated human placental tissue, processed using our patent-pending Excellion® Process. SurForce® is a minimally manipulated product regulated under Section 361 of the Public Health Services Act, which allows Surgenex® to distribute these allograft products to Healthcare Providers.

Surgenex Products helps women
SurForce® is an injectable Amniotic Membrane Allograft that is derived from donated human placental tissue obtained via scheduled Caesarean section delivery. more…
SurForce® is an amniotic membrane allograft that can help support, protect, cushion, or supplement damaged tissues more…
If you have experienced previous treatments for your condition such as steroidal injections or PRP injections, a procedure with SurForce® will be quite similar. more…
Surgenex Products help men

As with any condition or injury, a patient must consult their Primary Care Physician or qualified Healthcare Provider for medical advice. If you feel you are a candidate for SurForce® injections, schedule a visit with us by completing the form below to talk about the potential benefits and outcomes of Amniotic Membrane Allografts.

On your initial visit, you and your Provider may discuss your medical history, chief complaints, and any alternative treatments you have used previously to treat your current conditions. Initial or subsequent visits may also include a review of findings to discuss diagnostic imaging reports, treatment options, and a treatment plan. more…
If you feel Amniotic Membrane Allograft will benefit you, ask us by completing the form below for more information to determine if this treatment is right for you.
Surgenex Products helps women
SurForce® is injected into the affected area using a thin-gauge needle. Providers may also use diagnostic imaging to assist the procedure.
SurForce® may be useful for patients who need to see a specialist in Podiatric, Sports medicine, or Orthopaedic medicine.
All SurForce® patients should comply with their customized treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcome. more…
Surgenex can help you find a Doctor
Click here to view the most frequently asked questions concerning SurForce®. As always, speak with your Physician regarding any questions about your health.
Complete the Contact Form below to inquire about treatment options with your provider.
If you are undecided, always consult your Physician with specific questions concerning your health.

frequently asked questions


SurForce® is a cryopreserved injectable derived from donated human Amniotic Membrane Tissue.


For patient outcomes and success stories, please contact the SurForce® Healthcare Provider with the Contact Form below. You can also peruse through our patient testimonial section here.


The easiest way to get started is by filling out the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. A Provider will contact you shortly to address any of your questions or concerns. Surgenex distributes its products exclusively to verified medical facilities.


Our bodies naturally degenerate over time. The regenerative processes that were once vibrant and energetic in our youth become slower and impeded as we age.


Your Provider may or may not recommend post-treatment rehabilitation. This decision will depend heavily upon the injured area and its pathology/etiology, as well as your current physical health status. Patients should work with their Healthcare Provider to determine if rehab will be necessary and/or beneficial.


Depending on the etiology, pathology, and severity of the chief complaint, each patient will be unique. Healthcare Providers can gather subjective and objective information such as patient history, orthopaedic examinations, diagnostic imaging, and lab results to assess and determine the patient’s needs. Based on these findings, Healthcare Providers can specify an appropriate treatment plan. Costs associated with specific procedures may depend on these variables. For specifics, contacting the nearest Provider of SurForce® for a consultation is recommended.


Depending on the affected region, or if there are multiple locations needing an injection, the treatment procedure can be administered during a standard office visit. Specific times may vary depending on factors inherent to the complications of the patient’s needs. The application of the treatment is non-surgical, and requires no pre-treatment preparation time.


There are several advantages to using Amniotic Membrane tissues rather than invasive medical procedures. Unlike pharmaceuticals and lengthy surgical procedures, to date no negative side effects have been reported with amniotic membrane allografts.


As with any treatment modality in Healthcare, there is always an inherent risk. It is understood from research, amniotic membrane is considered immune-evasive, and that no adverse side effects are evident. Furthermore, SurForce® maintains the highest standards of safety in our industry, exceeding the FDA’s minimum safety requirements.


Surgenex® uses the Excellion® Process to produce SurForce®. This patented process is a tightly controlled, aseptic process that isolates the amniotic membrane layer of the placenta. No other portion of the placenta is utilized.


Research shows that amniotic membrane tissue allografts contain extracellular matrices including growth factors, anti-fibrotics , anti-microbials, are immune-evasive, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Research also shows it has the potential to repair articular cartilage. Please peruse our Research section here for research articles related to the incredible benefits of amniotic membrane tissue allografts.


Surgenex Product SurForce Amniotic Membrane Injections

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Common Clinical Applications for Treatment

*The use of amniotic tissue in orthopaedic surgery has increased in recent years. source..
Orthopaedics Surgery Increased
*The use of amniotic tissue products in sports medicine has increased in recent years source..
Sports Medicine Treatment Increased
Podiatry Treatment Increased
*The use of amniotic tissue products in podiatry has increased in recent years source..

Amniotic Membrane Tissue Allografts Features

Features SurForce PRP BMA
Help Support YES Yes X
Help Protect YES X X
Help Cushion YES X X
15 min 1-2 hrs 2-4 hrs

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